Make A Colour

I have a swap this month that is a “make colour” swap. In others words we take three dyes and mix them together to get a new colour and then send off the original dyes plus a fat eighth of the new created colour.

I decided that I wanted to make a green and I wanted it to be a chartreuse type of green. When I try to make my own colours I turn to a really neat application on the web that is know as the Dye Mixer Applet. I play around with the ratios until I get a colour I like and then I try to match them.

I wanted to use basic pure dyes to create my colour so I used golden yellow, cobalt blue and black. The colour I wanted to create only took the blue and yellow but since we were supposed to use a third colour I threw in the black to shade the colour. The result is sort of what I was looking for but darker as you’d expect from the black.

Make colour using Prochem’s Golden Yellow and Dharma’s Cobalt and Better Black.


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