Tie-dyed Toddler’s T-Shirts and Baby Onsies.

I had a request to tie-dye a shirt for a toddler I know. I’d given his mom one for him to wear a while back and he’s grown out of it but it’s his favorite shirt so I got busy the last couple of days and dyed up all the baby stock that I had. The shirts all came out okay but wouldn’t you know it, the one requested shirt with the rainbow swirl had a small hole in the front argh, it’s always the way.


4 responses to “Tie-dyed Toddler’s T-Shirts and Baby Onsies.

  1. Those are really adorable.

  2. These are really stunning Karen. Well done.

  3. I’m curious about how baby’s skin reacts with the dye… I have refrained from dying anything my son uses for fear of a rash or allergic type reaction. Have you ever had any issues? Know any babies with sensitive skin who’ve worn tie-dye?

    • I’ve made the onsies mostly for family and as a few gifts. I try to wash out all the excess dye before I give them away. I haven’t had anyone mention anything about the babies coming down with a rash or anything. I use the MX coldwater dyes that bond with cotton. Once the dye has bonded with the cotton it is colourfast. When you do the washout you will see a lot of the dye go down the drain depending on how much you use. Rinse the onsies in cold water first and then wash them in a really hot water cycle until the water runs clear. Be aware that the warm cycle on the washer won’t get rid of the excess dye that well you need hot water. You might have to do a couple of hot water washes to get rid of the excess dye. (hot water loosens up the unbonded dye easier)

      The dye bonds best with cotton not polyester. If you use a cotton/poly mix then the dye only bonds with the cotton and when you go to wash the garment you end up with a pale colour. Once the dye has bonded with the cotton it’s bonded and it doesn’t matter what temprature you use to wash the garment. After you’ve gotten rid of the excess dye I’d do future washes with warm water just to preserve the cotton fibres. The garment will fade but not because it’s loosing colour but because the cotton fibres start to break down (hot water hastens this process.)

      Also you might want to wash your tie-dyes seperately from your dark loads because the tie-dyes can become dull picking up loose dyes from other garments.


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