Bali Pop Quilt

Last night I finished sewing the quilt top that I have been working on. I used one of Hoffman’s Cappuccino Bali Pops to make it along with some of the matching yardage to set the blocks and borders. The pattern for the quilt comes from the book “Jelly Roll Quilts” by Pam and Nicky Lintott and is called “Sparkling Gemstones”.

The quilt in the book is gorgeous using a Kaffe Fassett jelly roll and is very vibrant. This quilt is a wedding present for a daughter of a close friend and her decor is neutrals so I went with the cappuccino bali pop, which is creams, browns and blacks.

Sparkling Gemstones done in Hoffman’s Cappuccino bali pop.

Close-up of the squares.

This pattern looks very easy to do but it turned into a nightmare when it came to piecing the blocks together into the long strips and then sewing the strips together.

The problem arose with the sides of the block where the background material was attached. The blocks are turned 90 degrees to each other and are framed with background fabric so they appear to be floating on the background material. In one direction you have one seam with just the basic four blocks of coloured batiks. In the other direction you have four seams because of the added two blocks of background fabric. This makes for a greater chance of error.

I’m fairly accurate when it comes to piecing but just the added couple of strips of material along with pressing shrunk that side of the block so essentially most of the blocks were 1/4″ out of sync.

I guess this is where I stop and say if I had of taken the time to make a couple of sample blocks I could have corrected the problem but I went ahead and cut all the material and chain pieced the blocks before starting to piece them together into strips. Never again, next time I’ll test a couple of units blocks first.

I could have added in a little extra to the background strips and then cut the blocks to size. It would have taken a little extra time to trim the blocks but less fuss in the long run.

Live and learn. It looks fine unless you’re a quilter and having a close-up look at the seams but the background fabric all blends into each other so you really don’t notice anyway.

I’m presently batching a sample piece of material as a test run for dyeing the backing for this quilt. It could be interesting because I’m going to try a different step in the dyeing process and see if it makes a difference to the look of the fabric but I’ll blog that next day.


13 responses to “Bali Pop Quilt

  1. Great quilt! Know she will love it. Nice design when seen from the top too.

  2. Stunning Karen and well worth the effort even if those seams were a pain in the butt. The colours are divine.

  3. It’s beautiful, Karen. I love the cappuccino colorway. How will you quilt it?


  4. I also have a problem with this pattern being the same size. It is out of sync. What do I need to do to correct this. Fortunately, I did two sample blocks and found it’s not right. I tried the “scant” 1/4 inch and I even marked 1/4 inch with a pencil. It’s still off. And I always do a test run. I found out the hard way that this is a must. Thanks for any help you can give me….before I throw the book in the garbage can and watch it burn!

    • Hi Annie, sorry for the late reply but my hard drive crashed days ago and I’ve just got a new one up and running. What I would suggest is that you cut the background filler strips larger than what’s called for in the book say 2 inches instead of the 1.5 inches. Then you can always trim the blocks to the size called for.

      I’d try a couple of trial blocks to see if this works for you before you go cutting all the background fabric up. It might be that 1 3/4 inches might work as well. Good luck.


  5. Ladies, I am making this quilt right now… and PITB (pain in the butt doesn’t even start to describe….) i squared all my blocks to 5 1/2″ then it all fit together. I think the pattern is awesome, but it took a whole weekend cutting and sewing the blocks. then I threw it in a bin. I found it a year later in that bin and ripped all the blocks and squared them up, Now all the rows are fitting and they will go together tonight. FINALLY!


  6. Guess I’m a little slow since all of the prior posts are from a few years ago. I’m in the process of making the sparkling gemstone and have all of the blocks sewn plus 2 rows sewn together. Yes, I have the same problem, nothing matches up. I’m going to work on it tonight and hopefully trim all of my blocks so it will go together easier.

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