Quilt Backing Part 2…

I have a couple of pictures to post. The first is the piece of fabric that I test-dyed yesterday using the Bark, Chocolate Milk and Black. This was the piece with the soda ash sprinkled on it.

Chocolate milk, Bark and Black with dry soda ash sprinkles.

The soda ash did concentrate the colour on the fabric so you do get a bit of a pattern, very fine. I have to admit that I didn’t like this piece because of the Chocolate Milk. I had my misgivings about it but figured that the chocolate milk colour would be mostly covered up by the other two but I was wrong. It also doesn’t really match the quilt.

For some reason my camera didn’t like taking photos of the backing so it looks washed out and the Chocolate Milk colour doesn’t really show on this screen. I didn’t like the mottled look of it so decided to try another piece just with black and a darker brown hoping to get a more solid colour. This time I just did it in a vase – parfait style.

Black and Tobacco.

The black looks more like a blue next to the white areas on the fabric. I’m wondering if I’d be better off using a black that’s more reddish based. I get a feeling I could be doing up a lot of samples before I’m satisfied but I think I’ll just go ahead and do the Black and Tobacco but use a Better Black and hope for the best. These one yard test pieces cost me about $5 a pop.

Quilt next to tobacco and Black. Again the parfait piece looks washed out, it’s not quite that bad.


2 responses to “Quilt Backing Part 2…

  1. I know it’s not what you wanted but that first piece is beautiful! On the black, how concentrated is your dye? Might it work better at a stronger concentrate?

    • You know I was all set to answer you but now I’m second guessing myself. My usual concentration is 4 tsp per cup of water but I can’t remember if I actually used that much.

      It could be weak becaue I didn’t use soda ash anywhere but sprinkled on the fabric.

      I’ve done another piece that is drying right now. I’ve used 1 tsp ivory to about 1 yard of fabric. It looks to be the same yellow as the cream batik.

      I can either try again using the first method or the second method. I suppose I could just dye the backing ivory but that seems boring somehow.


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