Third Time’s the Charm.

Well I finished my third trial piece today and I’m going to go with it. Makes me wonder why I didn’t choose these colours in the first place since they are all in the quilt. I used ivory as the background and then went back to the Bark and Black as overdyes in a fairly heavy grid pattern squirted on scrunched ivory material.

Trial piece of Ivory, Bark and Black.

It’s hard to tell from the photos but this piece matched the quilt better plus since I’d been fairly heavy with the black and brown I had less contrast with the lighter ivory. When I did the chocolate milk piece I felt like it wasn’t dark enough so I’m happier with this piece.

Another difference between the two pieces is that instead of doing this piece outside in the sun I did it inside and left it on a rack in the laundry sink. I put some water in the sink (not touching the dyed fabric) and covered the top of the fabric with Saran Wrap. It seemed to work because I left the piece overnight and it didn’t dry out. So with the longer batch time and moister fabric I got darker blacks and browns. When I batched outside even with the top covered the piece dryed out.

Quilt next to trial piece.

I’ve got the backing piece out batching in a bucket in the sun using ivory dye. Hopefully I can get this done today so I can start quilting tomorrow or the next day.

Bucket with ivory dye and backing material.

And because they were there…

Orange begonias.

Pink begonias.

Assorted coleus.

Orange Gerber daisy.

It’ll be nice to get this piece finished. Of course I’ll be heart-broken to give it away, I always am when it comes to something like a project like this.


2 responses to “Third Time’s the Charm.

  1. Kelly Hendrickson

    Oh yeh….this piece is yummy and goes so well with the front! Great work! (of course, I think the chocolate milk piece is beautiful too!)

    • Thanks Kelly. I just got in from outside from dyeing the backing. I was going to do it inside but there was no room so I hope it doesn’t dry out to quickly. LOL, dye all over the feet this time. I ran out of dye so I have a feeling this will have more yellow in it.

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