Cappuccino Bali Pop Quilt – Done!

Finally, with five days to go until the wedding, I finished the batik quilt I was working on. Brag pictures below, I used a matching dark brown thread and a meandering stitch to quilt it and a plain black homespun to bind the quilt.

Melissa’s wedding quilt. Pattern “Sparkling Gemstones” from the book Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam and Nancy Lintott, made using one Hoffman’s Cappuccino Bali Pop and co-ordinating batiks.

Back of quilt hand-dyed to match.

Front and back, not a bad match.

Meandering stitch, not the best but not bad either.

I’m so glad to get this done and out of the way. The finished quilt is roughly 60 x 80 inches give or take a few (too lazy to do a final measure). It is a nice size to cuddle up in to watch T.V. or it could be used on a twin or as a topper for a larger bed.


9 responses to “Cappuccino Bali Pop Quilt – Done!

  1. It’ turned out great and the backing is perfect!

  2. As Vicki said it turned out great and the backing is wonderful. Your quilting also looks good, I know how hard that is to move it around under the machine head. Been there done that. lol

  3. Stunning Karen and the backing fabric goes beautifully. I’m sure it will become a treasured keepsake of the bride and grooms.

  4. Thanks Catherine I hope so.

  5. nice craft, so inspiring..

  6. Kelly Hendrickson

    Thelma! it turned out gorgeous! Congrats kiddo!

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