Charmed Christmas Lap Quilt

I’ve been busy these past couple of weeks working on making a lap quilt out of some charm packs that I received from Hancock’s. My one son is a bird fan so I couldn’t resist buying 3 packs of Moda’s Woodland Holiday by Sentimental Studios when they came on sale.

Seaching for ideas on how to use the charm pack I found the block called Disappearing Nine-Patch. This is an easy block to make as you just sew a nine-patch block together and then cut it apart and rejoin the cut pieces in various ways.

Nine-patch using 5″ Christmas charms.

Patch cut into four.

You can rearrange the blocks into various patterns.

One version of arranged squares.

Square arrangement I chose.

And finally the finished product.

Finished quilt is 51″ x 56″ and used 3 charm packs and has a finished 3″ border.

I’m finding the clothesline outside a handy tool for photographing the finished quilts. The sun wasn’t quite right but you get the picture (argh, argh).

This was a very easy quilt to do and since it was machine quilted quite fast to put together. No tricky sewing or matching of the seams very easy.


3 responses to “Charmed Christmas Lap Quilt

  1. Beautiful Karen. The fabrics and colours are amazing. I’m sure your son with love it – if he doesn’t….I do….roflmol.

  2. Love the colors and I really like doing the disappearing 9 patch it goes so fast. I’m sure your son will love it.

  3. I plan to make a christmas lap quilt for this year (?) and was interested in the disappearing nine-patch method. I also like your use of black backgrounded christmas fabrics and the border too. I think I’d like to use a red border, though, and maybe a tartan flannel sheet for backing. I’ll let you know and will post a photo. Whenever it’s finished…

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