Earflap Hat

A couple of weekends ago was our Thanksgiving holiday and I spent the week prior cleaning house and bedrooms. All the family came home for dinner and a good time was had by all.

My daughter requested a hat knit by grandma for Chase. Hard to believe that he’s turned 1 year old already. Anyhow I searched Ravelry and came up with a nice pattern by At Home Mommy Knits.

I didn’t bother using the lovely motif that was part of the hat as the yarn I had was interesting all by itself. I do think that I’ll have to give this pattern another try maybe for next year as it looks so cute.

Chase’s earflap hat knit with Magic Garden’s “Buttons” double knit. The model is a glass vase hence funny shape at top of the head.

The yarn was one I picked up at Value Village so no doubt it’s no longer in existence. It was made in New Zealand and it tickled my fancy that I was using yarn from the other end of the world. I was surprised that it only took one 50g ball. I haven’t knit that much with double knit but I guess a ball goes a long way, nice stuff but took forever to knit.

Now I have to get back to quilting my Christmas and baby quilts. Not sure when those will be done but I have many projects to get done for Christmas so I’d better get at it. Who knows I might even get them done on time this year.


3 responses to “Earflap Hat

  1. really cute hat and very pretty yarn.
    If his ears still get cold you could cut a small piece of felt for the inside and it would keep out the cold.
    Not sure I understand what you mean by double knit. two whole hats? ann

    • Thanks and good idea about the felt I wouldn’t have thought about it. I’m thinking he’ll only be needing the hat to go from the car to wherever they’re going as Phil and Jen don’t seem to be outdoors people but when he gets older that’s a good idea.

      Double knit is the type of yarn. It goes from Lace > sock > fingerling > double knit > sport > worsted weight > bulky so the double knit is a finer yarn so the gauge (number of stitches per inch) would be finer than a worsted weight which is what I normally use for a hat. I had this on hand and it was cute so that’s why I used it.

  2. Gorgeous Karen. Love the yarn – no wonder you just used it as it was.

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