Toddler sweater.

I feel like saying “She’s alive” because I haven’t posted in a while but life goes on and in amongst the every day happenings I did manage to knit this little sweater.

Toddler size 2 sweater from Paton’s booklet “Beehive Nordic Knits”.

Buffy the koala bear modeling the sweater. The yarn is white with very pale mauve, green and yellow in it.

The pattern I used was from a little booklet that Patons put out over 30 years ago and featured Fair Isle knits but given that I had the varigated yarn I just made the basic sweater. Interestingly enough when I bought an Elizabeth Zimmerman book last year I recognized the style of knitting, which begs the question which came first. I have a feeling that these sweaters came after Zimmerman’s publications but who’s to say that Elizabeth didn’t base her patterns on previous knits. I haven’t really looked at the time line.

Anyhow the body was cast on using a circular needle, the sleeves cast on with double pointed needles and then joined to the body and the yoke continued from there – no seams to be had just darning in of the loose ends.

Stoked because the yarn I used was some that I picked up from Value Village at 5 balls for $2.99 so this sweater for this size used 3 1/3 balls so cost a couple of dollars to make. The yarn I recognized from about 25 years ago when Eatons was still in business and had a yarn department. I still have some balls myself waiting to be knit up in the closet. My how time flies doesn’t it?


4 responses to “Toddler sweater.

  1. Love it. I have noticed that much of the baby wool these days isn’t in those lovely soft colours. We get varigated but it’s much brighter. Buffy is so cute to. Is that snow I see through your windows?

  2. I have noticed you’ve used your buffy koala bear in a few posts. Is there any way my wife and I can see a picture of Buffy with the baby in it’s original state.

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