Freebird Done!

Well it’s been a while since I last posted I’m afraid to look at the date. We went on a 7-day cruise to the eastern Caribbean with our daughter her husband and baby Chase and a good time was had by all. I’d post a few pictures but they’re still on my hubby’s camera, sorry.

Meanwhile after much procrastination I finally finished one of the Christmas quilts that I hadn’t quilted – the one made with the fabric from designer Momo’s Freebird line.

Lap quilt made using Momo’s “Freebird” fabric.

The lap quilt measures up 59 inches by 67 inches and was made using three charm packets and one jelly roll. The block was made by surrounding a charm square by strips from the jelly roll and then matching borders and backing to finish. Very easy using the pre-cuts I must say but it would be just as easy cutting your own material as well.

Quilt showing the backing material as well. Jonathan`s fiance picked out the backing material after she`d opened the quilt at Christmas so part of the reason it took so long to do was just waiting for the fabric to cross the border.

And while I was working on the quilt I happened to run across some mill ends of yarn in one of the local stores. I’m a sucker for mill ends because they normally cost around $5 to $6 a bag for a pound of yarn. Now you have to take what you get and sometimes you can get some strange bits in there but for the most part you’re getting about four to five balls worth of yarn for the price you’d pay for one ball.

So what to do with this lot of three bags, well I decided to make an afghan and since I didn’t want to put a whole lot of work into it I decided to crochet huge granny squares. I have two left to do before I join the whole thing together.

Dark purple, mauve and varigated granny squares.

This afghan will be international since I worked on it not only at home but in the Toronto Pearson airport, Miami Florida airport and on the cruise ship where we visited the Bahamas, Virgin Islands, Peurto Rico and Grand Turk, Caicos.

I’m hoping to get the squares done today and then I’ll start in on joining them all. I’ll post a picture when it’s all done.


2 responses to “Freebird Done!

  1. What a cute quilt! I like that backing fabric too..worth the wait.

  2. Absolutely stunning quilt Karen. Well worth the effort to finish it. Love the colours of the afghan too.

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