Purple Passion.

Well after two months and several countries I’ve finally finished my purple afghan. It seemed like it took forever to do but after I put the squares together I could see why, it almost covers my queen-sized bed.

Purple afghan on queen-sized bed.

The squares were crocheted in a simple granny stitch and because I wanted to do this quickly (ha, ha) I didn’t bother changing colour in each square just kept going until the square looked big enough.

Each square is a granny square and the squares crocheted together using a flat braid technique.

It’d been a while since I last crocheted squares together using the flat braid technique. Unfortunatley when I went to youtube to look up the videos for this I only looked at part one instead of reviewing all of them. The idea is you crochet around the first square and then each square after that you only go around one or two of the sides before joining it with the previous square.

Needless to say I got all but six squares done and then found out I’d done them wrong. I was able to salvage some of the work by only undoing two sides but I came up short on yarn and had to tie off and then rejoin with new yarn to finish each square off. A pain, if I’d done it properly I could have been done a lot earlier instead of back-tracking. Oh well….

Afghan on easy chair next to the window for better light while I took the picture.

I’m glad it’s done now on to finish up my Dr Seuss quilt that was supposed to be done for Christmas. I never seem to get caught up do I?


15 responses to “Purple Passion.

  1. Karen that is absolutely stunning. Never heard of the flat braid technique but must have a look. I have some knitted squares here I’m supposed to be joining together with crochet for an aged hostel (another lady knitted the squares) but am lacking motivation and ideas. Now I can visualise what it will look like finished. Thank you.

    • It’s a technique I picked up from visiting Thornberry’s blog. She posted this link:

      It should work well with those knitted squares I’ve used it on knitted ones before.

      • Interesting, I didn’t know that you could post the actual youtube video. Hope it’s allowed, I guess they’ll pull it if it isn’t. There are four parts to this video.

  2. Only two months???? That’s pretty darn quick to me…beautiful work Karen!

  3. Whooo I tried to put a you tube video on my blog the other day and didn’t have a hope. I bow down before your computer expertise…vbg.
    By the way thanks for the video link – will be having a look and a play later…lol.

  4. It’s wonderful. I love crochet but have never learned to do it myself

    • Thanks Angela, it’s not hard to learn. If you know the three basic stitches then you can learn the fancy ones no problem. I find the granny squares pretty mindless so take them anywhere to work on while I’m waiting.

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  6. Kelly Hendrickson

    ooooooooo Thelma!! You KNOW I love the Purple Passion one!!! My goodness what a lot of work but can see that it was well worth it!

  7. Hiya can you tell me the colours of the wool you used please! This is a beautiful blanket!

    • Hi Caroline it’s been so long I can’t remember but I think it was a bag of mill ends with no labels. I gave the Afghan to my sister-in-law so I can’t have a look to see, sorry this isn’t much help.

  8. hoe kom ik aan het patroon purple passion

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