Jaquard Baby Dress

I’ve been busy crafting the last month but haven’t blogged anything because the first item I made is a gift for my new grandchild who is due tomorrow and since I know my daughter reads my blog I didn’t want to post a picture but keep it a surprise for her.

The next item I decided to make is a Christmas present (not a surprise) for little Charlie. I knitted up a cute little dress using Bernat Baby Jaquards and the dress is from their little booklet entitled the same. The yarn is from a bag of mill ends that I’d recognized as being from Bernat and the colour is called Rosebud.

Ruffled Edge Top from Bernat’s “Baby Jacquards”. The top was extended by five inches to make it into a dress.

I was lucky knitting this pattern because I started at a place on the yarn ball where I could recognize where the colour pattern was. It wasn’t until I was halfway through the back that it occured to me that to duplicate the stripes I’d have to start at the same spot in the yarn ball. Given these were mill ends I also had to stop and start more often to join balls and get rid of knots in the yarn so I had to make sure to do it at an identifiable colour change in the ball. The extra effort was worth it because I did a really good job of matching up the seams and even the sleeves worked out (by chance) to match the pattern at the top of front and back.

Seam at the side of the front and back pieces of the dress.

I made a 12 month size and it seems really big but we’ll see how it fits at Christmas time.

2 responses to “Jaquard Baby Dress

  1. Ohhhhh I love this dress. Aren’t you clever. Never heard of that yarn but I’m going to start searching…vbg.

  2. Cette robe est superbe. J’aime tricoter j’apprécierais recevoir ce patron en français.
    J’ai fais plusieurs jupes, avec ce fil, elles sont magnifiques.
    Je suis une québécoise du Canada
    Merci. Gemma

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