Fuzzy Blanket

Well maybe babies do come on their due date. After a mad dash through the night along hwy 401 we arrived just in time to hear baby Carter being born. The game plan was to leave and arrive at the house to take care of big brother Chase but some little guy was just a bit to impatient and decided home was a good place to be born.

Jen had contacted the midwives and they arrived only to let her know that there was a good possibility that the baby would be delivered in the car on the way to the hospital so they set up in the house instead. Chase was awake and crying so I went in to settle him down but he knew something was going on and didn’t go back to sleep. After what seemed like forever to clean up we took him in to meet his new brother. The look on his face was priceless as he’d heard the baby crying so knew something was up. After visiting with the baby he went right down in his crib back to sleep.

The baby is precious and both him and his mom are doing fine, congrats to the proud parents and little Chase. I haven’t posted pictures because I don’t have any on my camera, they are on John’s but I will post a picture of the knitted blanket I made for the baby.

I didn’t know if the new baby would be a boy or girl so I held off on making a quilt and knitted up this chenille type yarn blanket instead. Very soft, not sure how it will wash up but we’ll see.

Chenille striped blanket knit using 8mm needles. The yarn is thick so you’d think it would knit up fast and I guess it does but I found I was fighting the yarn most of the way so it wasn’t a relaxing knit and then the weight of it as it got longer was quite heavy.

Closeup of the yarn. The coloured stripes were a mottled yarn I bought from the dollar store and it wasn’t quite as thick as the white which was a Bernat yarn so I doubled it. I can’t quite remember the name of the Bernat yarn and I threw out the labels sorry. The yarn reminded me of the chenille blankets that I grew up with – must be about 40 years ago, very soft.


One response to “Fuzzy Blanket

  1. Congratulations Grandma on the newest addition. Hope Mum and baby are doing well and Chase and Daddy are coping. Nothing like that midnight dash to get the heart pumping. Love the blanket – it looks so cosy.

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