Stretch Hat

I knit up a little hat for Charlie today, kind of a beanie with a rolled rim. I made it for her to be a sun hat. I don’t know if she’ll get too hot wearing it but it’s a stretch knit so should be big enough for the fall anyhow.

Knit hat in Bernat Baby Stretch the pattern was on the yarn label for the ball.

Very easy to knit about 5 hours in all and the rim rolled up on it’s own so no tacking. I could have done a better job on the seam but was in a hurry so the seam is obvious, next time I’ll do better.


3 responses to “Stretch Hat

  1. Now Charlie is a cutie and the hat is so sweet. I can’t see the seam by the way …vbg.

  2. Karen, she is ADORABLE and so is the hat

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