Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat Quilt

Well I’ve finally finished the top to the Dr Seuss quilt and I also dyed the backing (plain navy blue) so all that is left is to quilt it and bind the edges, lol, not bad for having been a Christmas quilt.

Quilt on a double bed.

Another view from the foot of the bed, it was really hard to take a picture because there wasn’t room for me to back up as I have a ton of stuff in this room while I’m repainting the next room over.

I also dyed a parfait for a swap with the forum I belong too. It took forever for the dye to wash out as the turquoise in the marine green just ran and ran.

Berry, Eggplant and Marine green. This picture looks nicer than the actual piece. The image on my camera was a bit duller than reality but when I colour corrected the photo the editor put in more contrast so imagine this photo a bit duller and you have the real colours. I guess I should have used a green with more yellow in it and then colours would have looked nicer, live and learn I guess. Probably an olive green would have matched better.


4 responses to “Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat Quilt

  1. Well done. I’m doing the happy dance for you. Love the fabric – just stunning.

  2. Did you quilt the Seuss quilt yet?

    • No I haven’t, it’s the next on the list. I got side-tracked by finishing off a couple of other quilts. I’ve just come back from holiday so I plan on starting tomorrow. I need to finish it and get it out of the way so I can start on a quilt for my son’s wedding. The Seuss quilt I think will be difficult as the panels with the pictures were fused to the background. Quilting around those will be tricky and I’m afraid that the holes might stay open because of the fusing, Guess I’ll find out when I quilt it.

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