Thimbleberry Table Runner.

Well procrastination is my middle name. I’ve finally gotten around to blogging this little item. I bought the kit two years ago at a craft show in downtown Toronto. I love Thimbleberries fabric so when trying to find something at the show I settled on the Bearpaw table runner (Lodge and Lakeside fabric).

It ended up being a UFO as I decided to hand quilt the project and it sat for quite a while beside by my chair until I finally tackled it and got the rest of it done in one week. I don’t know why but it seems I lose interest in something only to pick it up later and finish it off in a short time – procrastination I guess.

Thimbleberries Bearpaw table runner in the Lodge and Lakeside fabric line. I’ve just realized that you can’t see the hand quilting of which there is quite a lot but I’m too lazy to take and insert another picture, oh well.

Speaking of procrastination I’m finally quilting together the Dr. Seuss quilt after I don’t know how many months of it sitting there as well. The quilt is big and it’s very heavy due to the wonky blocks being fused on top of the background blocks. That doesn’t make sense but trust me on this the quilt is heavy and awkward to handle.

Hand-dyed backing for the Dr. Seuss quilt. I can’t remember the dye but I think it’s navy by Dharma.

Quilt on kitchen table waiting to be pinned together.

Pinned quilt under the machine being quilted together.

Normally it takes me a couple of days to sew the quilt together once I get going but this is such a struggle I think I’ll be just working on several rows a day instead. Once I get the rows sewn I’ll work on the inside of the quilt blocks probably just meander and stipple stitching to set off the characters. I’ll be glad when this one is done. Then I have to start on the wedding quilt for Jonathan and Corina which is this December. I’ve already warned Jonthan that it might not get done on time.

Meanwhile I’ve been alternating some knitting with the quilting. I love to knit but have found lately that if I work too many hours at once I get pain in my shoulder so I’m knitting in chunks rather than huge blocks of time.


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