Rainbow Tie Dyes.

It’s been a while since I lasted blogged because I’m still working on several projects but my daughter asked me to tie-dye her a shirt for halloween and while I was going to the trouble of doing that I figured I might as well pull out some other items I’ve had sitting around so here goes.

Working in the laundry room.

Something new a scrunched shirt that I squirted stripes across both front and back.

The washed out shirt – turquoise, colbalt, intense blue and grape.

Ladies rainbow tee – turquoise, mixing red, bright orange, lemon yellow and grape.

Pleated onesie.

Blue onesie in turquoise, colbalt, intense blue(cerulean).

Rainbow vee onesie.

Rainbow onesie.

Rainbow onesie.

Toddler rainbow tee.

Rainbow vee.

Blue toddler t-shirt.

Since the onesies and toddler t-shirts were going to my grandsons I tried to make them match. I used elastics this time instead sinew to tie the shirts because I was lazy and I have to admit that the shirts seem to turn out anyway. And here are a couple of pictures of Chase in one of his shirts.

Carter and Chase playing on the floor.

Another shot of Chase and Carter but this time you can see the t-shirt.


2 responses to “Rainbow Tie Dyes.

  1. You are SO good at dyeing! That ladies’ rainbow tee in particular looks wonderful – the swirl of colours is terrific.

  2. Love love love the rainbow onesies! And the lovely blue dyeing. Lucky baby! 😉

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