Painted Cables Scarf and Halloween.

My daughter brought over my little granddaughter yesterday all dressed up for Halloween and she was just adorable so I thought I’d share a few pictures like the proud grandma I am.

Linda and Charlie.


I finally finished off a scarf I started a couple of weeks ago. This was very time consuming and I estimate that it took me close to 20 hours if not more to make the scarf. LOL, of course when I was almost done I realized that I’d made a mistake way back at the beginning but I’m not ripping it out and no one is going to notice unless they look very closely. Actually I made three other mistakes but you’d need to be really sharp to see those ones.

Painted Cables scarf. Pattern by Tina Sanders printed in ” 2011 Knitting Calendar”

Painted Cables scarf closeup. The yarn is Mosaic by Bernat.

I had debated about giving this scarf away for a Christmas present or keeping it for myself but with all those flaws in it I just might have to keep it…RATIONALIZATION!

4 responses to “Painted Cables Scarf and Halloween.

  1. Charlie is just gorgeous and I love the great big grin she has. Love the scarf too – the pattern is lovely – very delicate looking. Can’t blame you for wanting to keep it…vbg.

  2. What a gorgeous granddaughter! You have every right to be the proud grandma (and mum!) and I think that you’ve done a lovely job of your scarf as well. Can’t spot the flaws!

  3. I have to post about how cute that little pumpkin is!! Her eyes are so similar to my Smallest Small!! (And for goodness sake keep that scarf – it’s really beautiful.)

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