New Sewing Room

Well I finally finished getting my sewing room to my liking, at least for now. It only took all summer to paint the room and then a couple of months to move everything in to my liking. I had thought about keeping it as a guest room after having it all nicely painted but as my husband pointed out the lighting is much better in this room. Part of the problem with working in the dining room was lack of natural lighting. I like being able to see what I’m working on in natural light rather than artifical. This room is glorious in the afternoon when it’s sunny.

Anyhow here are a few pictures of the room. It’s nothing special as craft rooms go but it’s all mine, which is the point.

View as you come in the door. I had originally put the table against this wall but thought it was too busy looking from the hall way and then I realized I’d be better off putting the sewing table next to the windows for more lighting.

Table with Husqvarna megaquilter. It’s a basic machine that only has one stitch – forwards and reverse. It has no computer, which is exactly why I bought it. It’s an industrial heavy duty machine that has three speeds, an extra long throat opening for quilts, a thread cutter and a knee lever, which raises and lowers the needle. It may not be the best machine on the market but it’s simple to use and I like that.

Chest of drawers I found at Value Village. The drawers hold some yarn. Other drawers in the house hold fabric and yarn as well. Saves on putting up shelving and instead of the drawers standing empty they serve a purpose.

Yarn in drawers.

Desk and a kiddle storage unit. I saw this toy organizer at Costco on sale for $30 and debated getting it but then a lady at the checkout mentioned she had one in the basement and used it for odds and ends and it suddenly occured to me that instead of putting up shelving, which I didn’t really want to do, that I could use this for my odds and ends. I did ask my daughter if she wanted it for the boys but she said she’d looked at them and didn’t really have any room for it. So it’s mine guilt free 🙂

Some bags of scraps from various projects over the years. I had pulled these out from under the bed because of this…

This is a ‘spider web’ quilt that I made probably about 20 years ago. I’ve used it extensively on my bed and the material has finally reached the point of fraying. I thought what a shame and then I thought wait a minute I’m a quilter I never throw anything out. I dug through those three bags and sure enough I found this…

Matching quilt fabric.

I don’t have many quilts and they are all starting to show signs of wear. I’ve decided once I get the quilt done for Jonathan and Corina’s wedding that I should start in on a quilt for myself. I have some nice yellows and blues set aside. I just have to decide what pattern to make.


4 responses to “New Sewing Room

  1. Awesome sewing room. How could you not be inspired by having your own work space? Got to agree with the placement of the sewing machine – I have mine near a window too. Not only for the light but also to see the bird life in the trees. Love the sewing machine too – sounds like the sort I would like – but am not going to buy…vbg. Being good here…lol. Celebrate having your own sewing room by making a quilt for yourself. What better reason to have a sewing room.

    • Never thought about looking at the little birdies, mind you the garage roof is in the way. Got John to put up the two paintings for that room so now it’s got some more colour as well 🙂

  2. A new sewing room is always an exciting thing! You’ve done a great job of organizing everything. You gave me a couple ideas for better using space in my sewing room. I love your sewing machine…very practical. I, too, have unfinished projects I need to pull out and complete.

    I enjoyed my visit.

    oxo Judy

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