$24.99 or $0.99?

I started work on my Dr Seuss quilt yesterday and even though the table was in front of the window I found that there is still that area right at the pressor foot that still seems to need some extra illumination.

I had been using an Ott light but all of a sudden the bulb went dead and when I fiddled with it the light would go on and off and then stay off so I guess the bulb is shot. I’m not too impressed considering how much the replacement bulbs cost.

Anyhow even when the bulb was working it was still somewhat of an effort to position the lamp just right and I have had the thoughts that attaching one of those little mini lights to the machine would work well and with that in mind I stopped off at the sewing shop to see if they had any.

Well they did have some and they were $24.99. I stood there looking at the light thinking I didn’t want to pay $24.99 for something I wasn’t sure was going to work that well and I didn’t want to attach it to my machine with a sticky adhesive pad (Still a little possessive with the machine because it’s still brand new in my eyes.). The store did have a 50% off sale tomorrow but I still didn’t want to pay even $12.00. Then I thought “I wonder if they have this type of thing at the dollar store”.

Sure enough there were a variety of little lights at the dollar store. What I bought was this.

Mini light held on using scotch tape.

I attached it to the machine with scotch tape and I’m happy with that because if I decide I don’t want to use the light I won’t have any nasty sticky residue stuck on my machine. Plus it’s a buck so even if it doesn’t work I don’t care. I’ll have to see how long the battery lasts. I’m sure if I replaced the battery it’d cost more than the light. I wonder how much the markup on batteries are if they can sell them in $0.99 items?


4 responses to “$24.99 or $0.99?

  1. What a fabulous idea. I’m with you though – why spend nearly $25 when you don’t know if it will work.

  2. Wow…you can replace that one 25 times and stay even. These days you’ve got to save where you can. Great find!

  3. PS…I can’t wait to see more of the Seuss quilt. oxo

    • I’m working on the Seuss quilt right now, quilting around the squares then I’ll have to try and decide how to finish off the inside of the blocks. I’d like to get it done soon because I have another quilt to start on for Jonathan and Corina who are getting married in three weeks. Hopefully their quilt won’t take me a year to finish like this one.

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