Op-Shop Loot.

Today I was working on my Seuss quilt and needed to go out and get some thread. The fabric store is in the same strip mall that the Value Village is located so I always stop in to see what there is (even though I don’t really have need of anything or the room).

I hadn’t planned on buying anything but $36 dollars later…

I’m a collector of paperweights, the nice ones. This little gem was priced at $3.99 so I snapped it up. Good paperweights are very expensive. Unfortunately this looks blurry in the picture but very nice in person.

“A Coming Of Spring” by Brent Heighton.

“Reflections of Winter” by Brent Heighton.

I spotted these prints and thought nice but wasn’t sure about the frames but picked them up and flipped to the back of the frame. From the dedication on the back I saw that they had been a house-warming gift to a couple. There was also a spiel about the artist attached to the back as well so this made me take a closer look and I realized that the pictures had been properly matted and the frames were actually of very nice quality.

Anyhow, once again the camera had the flash off so it wouldn’t be relected by the glass so you’ll have to take my word that these are very nice, very light and delicate and best of all they match the paint in my new craft room. In fact the pinkish matting on the stream picture is pretty darn close. Very happy to have paid the $7.99 asking price for each of them.

And some odds and sods…

Rubbermaid container now residing in my closet full of jelly rolls (fabric strips) – $2.99.

Plastic bin with sliding drawer, which is parked on a shelf in my desk awaiting stuff to be put in it – $1.99..

Odd balls of yarn, Paton’s Decor. One full ball of the multi and red and then two wound balls of the red. Enough for a hat or scarf at some point. The blessings group has a donation program so being cheap I’m not going to pay full price for any yarn when I can get it for less than retail – $2.99 for the lot.

I did buy a neat microwavable tupperware dish but forgot to take a photo of it. I’d picked up one of these before for the same price – $3.99. It’s a divided dish with a pop-up tab to vent steam when you heat something in it. I’ve been waiting for a reason to use the one I had and last weekend we had the progressive dinner run by the church. I wasn’t feeling well as my digestion has been off these past couple of months and Saturday was bad but then I thought I’m going anyhow and I’m taking my dish with me. So I filled the dish with food and ate about half of it and took the rest home. I took modest helpings but with the size of this dish I could really have packed it full. Friends who are tupperware collectors really liked the dish and I got the comment if you ever find another one give it to me but alas sorry guys – one for me – one for John, not sharing.


One response to “Op-Shop Loot.

  1. You did get some bargains. Love the paper weight and those prints are amazing………very delicate looking. Well done

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