Today’s post is not about something that I created but rather I thought I’d share with you what my friend JoAnn has made and maybe you’ll be inspired as well.

Each year Toronto has a big craft show called “The Creativ’ Festival” and vendors from all over Canada and the States attend this show as the turnout really is phenominal. JoAnn and I have been going for the last couple of years and each year we visit the Len Mills fabric booth. This year I didn’t buy anything but I helped JoAnn pick out some fabric that she wanted to make into pillowcases for gifts for her daughter and son-in-law.

Some of the pillowcases were ones that she designed herself but some ideas she got from the One Million Pillowcase Challenge website.

JoAnn has an beautiful sewing machine that allows her to do all the fancy stitches and has software that you can use to create your own designs as well.

The pillowcases are longer than this but it was easier to take the photos with them folded in half.

Closeup of one of the pillowcases, beautiful patchwork set off by the embroidered initial and ribbon.

My favourite of course because it’s “purple”. 🙂

Two more pillowcases with some cutwork.

Closeup of the cutwork. JoAnn designed this one herself and her machine has the ability to not only do the satin stitch but cut away the material at the same time. JoAnn did the cutwork and then put the green fabric underneath it and then did some more embroidery to hold the two pieces together.

Some fun pillowcases – pirate and princess themed. The princess pillowcase has a tiara embroidered above the lettering and the pirate pillowcase has the little pirate embroidered on it. Also notice the little patchwork points along the inside border.

These are really nice and look fun to do so I might just have a go at trying some myself. One tip JoAnn pointed out is that if you do make a set of these make sure to have them mirror-imaged so they go on either side of the bed, something I wouldn’t have thought of myself.


2 responses to “Pillowcases

  1. Sweet dreams are a sure thing with pillow cases like these. Beautiful!
    oxo Judy

  2. Ohh lovely. Thanks for the link too – I have found several that I like…vbg. They will be a fantastic way to use up some scraps too.

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