Cat In The Hat Quilt – Finished!

Finally it’s done, over finished, yeah!!!

Some photos but given the overcast day they aren’t that good. I tried to show the quilting but it was hard.

Quilt on double bed. I couldn’t back up far enough to get it all in.

Border shot to show the binding. This stripe really brightened the quilt especially in the border against the navy.

One shot trying to show the stitching. I used thread to blend in with the background so it’s hard to pick out.

Another block showing the quilting.

I’m so glad this is finally over. I angsted over what thread to use but ended up just doing a meandering stitch with a background colour trying not to stitch over the drawings in the main blocks but quilting around the pictures. I used matching thread in the bobbin because I didn’t want any darker colour coming up and showing through on the top. The back isn’t pretty but it doesn’t look that bad either. First I used navy thread to quilt around all of the blocks to anchor them down before doing the quilting inside the blocks.


2 responses to “Cat In The Hat Quilt – Finished!

  1. Well done. The quilt looks fabulous.

  2. Looks great, glad I dont quilt though! Too much thought having to go into this i think.

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