Happy New Year 2012

Tonight is New Year’s Eve in our own small area of the world. Here’s wishing you all a Happy New Year and all the best for the upcoming 2012. I’m hoping to be more productive this year and to use up some of the stash and to try not to buy too much in the coming year.

I’ve joined a stashdown group on Ravelry that has an Excel sheet that tracks purchases going in and yardage going out. The idea being that you end up at year’s end being in the green – in other words knitting more yards than adding to your stash. I have one big project planned for purchase as a birthday gift in February but aside from that wish me luck on restraint, I do so like a bargin.

I’m hoping the idea will carry over for fabric purchases as well. I’ve done well so far by resisting year end sales and some of them were very good ones. I have enough stash that I dare say it could keep me going for a few years and I’ve been having those paranoid thoughts about something happening to me, dying and then I’ve got all this lovely stuff and nothing to show for it so here’s my New Year’s resolution:



One response to “Happy New Year 2012

  1. Hmm a stashdown group. Might have to think about that but knowing me it will be too scary to contemplate….sigh. I’m on a mission not to buy anything else this year. The fabric I bought at Christmas doesn’t count…vbg….and there will be no wool as I have to use all I have not including all the handspun wool I have and the fleeces still waiting to be spun….lol. Looks like a creative year ahead if nothing else. Have a wonderful and Happy New Year.

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