Sweet Petals

This year I’ve made a resolution to use “The Stash” so I’ve joined several groups on Ravelry to help me with that goal. One of the groups is the 2012 Crochet a Block a Month forum. Each month there are actually three blocks to crochet; one is a 6-inch block and the other two are 12-inch blocks. I’ve decided to go with the two 12-inch blocks so at the end of the year if I keep up I should have an afghan’s worth of blocks to put together.

I’ve had some yarn in my stash for a couple of years now (seems just like yesterday, I swear) that I bought while visiting our friends at their cottage, which just happens to be 10 minutes down the road from the Listowel Yarn Factory. Needless to say I like seeing them at their cottage.

To get the deals you usually have to buy by the bag or in multiples of three. I bought four bags of Paton Decor in Country Blue and Sweet Country Varigation.

Paton’s Decor Country Blue: 75% Acrylic / 25% Wool 100 gram ball, 192m/210yards.

Paton’s Decor Sweet Country Varigation: 75% Acrylic / 25% Wool 100 gram ball, 192m/210yards.

I have 12 balls of the blue and 12 balls of the varigated. I’m wishing I had some matching darker blue to go with it for a focal point but that would mean spending more money and buying more yarn and the idea is to use up yarn not buy more so I’ll stick with what I’ve got for now. I might go with another colour to join the squares we’ll see how it works out.

Anyhow the first 12-inch square is Pretty Petals by Melinda Miller, this is a variation on a square I did myself (quite common square) that I made into a full sized afghan and gave to Jen. Jen’s Afghan

Pretty Petals.

For some reason this square turned out wonky. It’s almost like the spiral effect you get in knitting when you’re knitting a tube. I don’t know why unless I needed to square up the flower petals somehow. The square actually sits perfectly flat and is square if you can avoid thinking it’s off kilter from the colours. Oh well three hours later I’m not ripping it out and it won’t be noticable when put in the afghan anyhow.

One more square and I’m done for the month. I’ve done not to badly to date. I finished Chase another earflap hat exactly the same as the previous one I made him. Apparently Jen says he will not wear anything else so I had left-over yarn so just knit another in a bigger size. 

Today I also managed to get some strips sewn for a quilt I am making for myself so three things in one day is pretty good. Now if I can only be this righteous every day I might get somewhere (or not vbg).



One response to “Sweet Petals

  1. I’m so glad you are using that wool – it looks amazing. Having looked at your square I’m very, very tempted – but I’d have to buy more wool and both you and I know the plan is to reduce the stash – not build it…sigh.

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