Frilly Scarf

I bought some yarn a couple of days ago to make a scarf. I’d looked for this yarn the other week at Walmart but didn’t see it so despite the yarn diet when I saw some in Michaels I bought a ball. I only wish I’d bought more. I sent the hubby in to Michaels on his way home from golf (simulator) and they were sold out. Too bad I’d wanted to buy a couple different colours.

Any how we stopped off today at Walmart and they had some in as well unfortunately not the colours I’d wanted but I bought some more balls anyway since this stuff seems to be selling like hotcakes. The yarn is Red Heart Sashay. When this yarn first came out it was under a different brand name and was about $14 a ball. Now Red Heart has a clone and they charge $6.99 ($5.99 at Walmart).

Red Heart Sashay.

It takes about 2-3 hours to knit one ball up and after you get used to handling the yarn it’s not bad. Kind of fun project and the scarf is neat. Anyhow I have 4 more balls and intend to give them away as gifts.

Colourway Jive. It looks blue but is more of a turquoise colour.


3 responses to “Frilly Scarf

  1. There was heaps of that wool here too. I was tempted but never gave in…maybe I should have…vbg. Darn this yarn diet. Love the colours too – very stylish.

  2. Phyllis Trotter

    i dont get the knitting off. Can someone instruct me?

    • Hi Phyllis,

      To finish the scarf bind off as you usually do in knitting: knit one stitch, knit the next stitch and then lift the previous stitch over top the stitch you just knitted. Keep doing this until you only have one stitch remaining. Cut the scarf about four inches or so from this last stitch and then thread it through the last stitch as you would normally do. Pull as much through as you can. It won’t make a clean finish because the yarn is too bulky. What you have to do is make it as secure as you can and then sew/tack the ends in place up inside the frills.

      There is a youtube video on how to make these scarves.

      Hope this helps.


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