Chickadee Ski Hat

I have been having computer problems the last couple of weeks. I made the mistake of powering off my computer instead of doing a proper shutdown. Next day I couldn’t boot into the hard drive. Long and short of it is the computer is sort of running but I’ll have to re-install the operating system again at some point. Maybe I’ll disappear again for another few weeks.

Anyhow I finished a ski hat for Dan’s girlfriend this past weekend. It took nine days of really intense knitting to get it done only to realize about 2/3 the way through that it was going to be really small. I had knit a similar hat for Dan which she tried on but it was huge on her so I went a needle size down. This hat really shrunk and ended up 5 inches smaller than the first one. The only thing I can figure is that I did the first hat on a 24″ circular needle and this hat on a 16″ circular. I didn’t think it’d make that much of a difference but I guess it did.

I soaked and blocked the hat over a flower pot but it was still to small. Everyone that tried it on couldn’t get it to fit but Mallory has a small head and she managed to squeeze into it. I told her to try blocking it again if it bothers her so we’ll see.

Meanwhile, thinking that the hat was too small I tried to convince Chase to give it a go. He wasn’t having anything to do with it but he did keep it on long enough for me to take some really cute photos of him.

Chickadee Ski Hat from Colorwork Creations by Susan Anderson-Freed. Yarn is Knitpick’s Palette.

This book has a lot of really nice patterns in it of hats, chullos, mitts and gloves. Just be aware that the hats tend to be on the small size and do a gauge swatch first to see if the hat will fit your head.


One response to “Chickadee Ski Hat

  1. Chase is a cutie. Sorry the hat turned out to be too small. I hate it when that happens. I borrowed that book from the library but didn’t knit anything from it. Decided I didn’t have time ; – ( Hope the computer problems resolve themselves soon.

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