Sheep Heid

Finished Kate Davies Sheep Heid yesterday. This went pretty quickly although I did some pretty intensive knitting to get it done. I was depressed with it because it was too small and fit so snug and I looked like an ugly blob in it despite working out gauge beforehand. Somehow my trial gauge was larger than the actual knitting gauge despite all the precautions I took.

Anyhow I soaked the hat and then stretched it like crazy over a dinner plate. After it was dried I tried it on and was amazed at what a difference the blocking made. The hat of course was bigger but being blocked into the tam shape gave it some definition and suddenly it didn’t look that bad. I’ll now wear it and not give it away. The hat was always beautiful just didn’t look right before I blocked it.

Blocking on plate.

Back view on plate.



The yarn is from the Shetland Isles and is Jamieson & Smith’s Shetland Supreme Jumper Weight wool. I ordered the lucky dip and got one of each of the colours except for the white and since I had some white in my stash I used that instead. The pattern is Kate Davies Sheep Heid and can be bought online from her site needled or if you’re a Ravelry member it can be bought online through them as well.

The pattern was very well written but be careful of your gauge and measure your head well to make sure you get a good fit as the hat/tam is a close fit. There are a lot of colour changes but only two colours per row, easy enough to work up but some patience is needed. I was getting somewhat tired of all the switch-outs by the end but then again that’s Fair Isle and all those changes look good when you’re done the piece.


4 responses to “Sheep Heid

  1. Stunning. I have a book on knitting tams (design your own type of thing) keep putting it off thinking I had to spin the wool for it – then discovered in a clean up that I already had…..yes I’m loosing it. Looks like I might just have to get organised now I can see how wonderful yours is. I’m very impressed.

  2. Great hat – amazing what you can do with blocking isn’t it!

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