April’s CAL blocks

Here are the blocks for April.

Scholharie spring Square by Mary McKnight. This block worked up fine but because I started with the varigated yarn you can’t really see the pattern that is in the middle, oh well.

Lion’s Mane by April Moreland. Very nice block to make and it looks pretty as well.

Nothing much doing around here. John went on a golf trip last week and it was “home alone” for me except I got sick catching fever, sore throat, cough from the grands when they came to visit on Easter weekend. I haven’t been this sick in years probably well over a decade it really hit me hard, one of my top ten colds. Spent quite a few days lingering in bed with fever and generally getting nothing done. Only good thing between that and having to have a colonoscopy yesterday I’ve lost five pounds. Now if I can only manage to keep it off.

Had a shipment of Jamieson & Smith yarn arrive this week so I’m currently playing with it and starting off on another tam, lets hope this one fits this time. Still have my mauve coin quilt languishing in the sewing room waiting for the final borders and quilting. I need to get cracking on the cottons. I’ll finish off the tam and then switch over to quilt-making mode.

Spring is here with coolish temps but it’s not stopping the plants from growing so I need to spend some time in the garden this weekend for sure, hoping to enlist John’s help on that one. Hope it doesn’t rain.


2 responses to “April’s CAL blocks

  1. I’m seriously loving that yarn you are using. Hope you are feeling much better and are on the mend. At least you got to lie around and relax (if such a thing is possible when you are sick ) with no one to annoy you. Sending healing thoughts your way.

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