Hedgehog liners and pouches.

Managed to get some very needed gardening in yesterday. Jonathan my son came over and helped to dig up one of the beds and then helped me add some compost from one of the green bins to two of the beds. We then planted some peas and then he had to go back home. Later on in the afternoon I planted the rest of the seeds.

Then as I was about to collapse Dan came up to me and reminded me that I needed to sew up some fabric into accessories for his girlfriend’s baby hedgehog. Oh right the hedgehog, when do I need to do this? Hmmm seems that she was picking up the hedgehog the next day. Anyhow after another hard slog only this time in the sewing room this is what I came up with.

Hedgehog pouch and cage liners.

Seems that the little hedgehogs don’t use wood shavings and they have tiny claws and feet that get caught on all kinds of stuff so I had to sew a couple pieces of flannel together for the liners and then for the pouch same idea but using fleece. I finished off by hand so no loose threads or stitches are showing. Very simple but amazing how it still sucks up the time but an interesting experience because the items were for a hedgehog.

I got my Knitpicks order yesterday in the mail. I’m supposed to be on a strict yarn diet but these were on sale and worked out to $1.79 a ball instead of $3.59. They are the road trip totes from Knitpicks. I didn’t order the kits to make the tote but rather ordered the kits because the yarn worked out cheap and it co-ordinates within each kit.

Knitpicks road trip totes in Badlands (blues) and Harbor Lights (oranges and mauves).

The blues are designated for a tam pattern by Kate Davies and the sunset colours will be either a sweater or tam. One of the girls in my Ravelry group had used the harbor lights kit to make herself a Fair Isle sweater using this yarn and it was stunning.

Not much else doing around here. There is still the garden to work on and I’ve bought fabric to make a dress for Charlie. Still waiting on the backing for my Chinese coins quilt. The backing I had turned out to be a yard shorter than I’d ordered so the piece I’m waiting for is a replacement piece provided at no charge. Unfortunately Hancock’s was out of the fabric collection I’d ordered the original piece from, here’s hoping the new piece looks okay it’s a batik.


3 responses to “Hedgehog liners and pouches.

  1. Ok………………. so you are a woman of many talents. I have to wonder though why Dan’s girlfriend has a baby hedgehog and what she is going to do with it as it grows? Lovely wool to I can easily see either as a tam or a jumper. Well done on working in the garden too. I managed to get enough time to water my vegies and that was it for today. Beautiful weather but working with Ashley meant the garden was neglected. Hope the weather stays nice for you.

    • I think hedgehogs are trendy pets and they’re cute. Dan went with her to pick it up and he said it was incredibly cute and for a guy to say that it must be. He said it was very friendly as well.

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