Charlie’s Dress

It’s been awhile since I’ve last blogged but I’ve been on a real reading jag and haven’t really done much in the way of crafting for the past two months. I decided to make Charlie a couple of dresses so bought two patterns on sale $1.99. Floored me that the regular price is $14.99 because you can almost go out and buy a dress for that price.

Anyhow picked out fabric then realized I needed lining and a zipper then all of a sudden my $1.99 dress had esculated up into the near $30 range and all I could think of was I definitely could have bought maybe two dresses for that price.

Started in on the dress and realized that although the dress didn’t seem that fussy to make it was. Sewing the dress also made me remember how much I hate sewing hence the long time in getting it done. Funny I don’t mind making quilts at all but sewing clothes I don’t really like even though I did it when I was younger. Sad thing is I have one more dress to make but the pattern is larger so I guess I can put that one off untill later.

New Look #6974 view B.

It would have been nice to have a picture with Charlie in it but she’s such a squirmer that I didn’t have the heart to try. Maybe I’ll get one later.


2 responses to “Charlie’s Dress

  1. Charlie’s dress was well worth the effort. It’s stunning. I’m with you on the price of patterns, fabric etc. No wonder sewing clothes isn’t happening as much as it used to – it is cheaper to buy them.

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