Chinese coin quilt.

I finally finished up the binding on my Chinese coin quilt today so thought I’d post a picture. The quilt looks a bit washed out. I’d thought that photographing it in the sun outside would make it look vivid but I guess I was wrong. Anyhow, this is one instance where the quilt looks better in person than in the photo.

I’ve made this quilt before, it’s from the Jelly Roll Quilts book by Pam & Nicky Lintott and is called Bars of Gold but the common name for this pattern is Chinese Coin and I’m sure there are probably other names for the pattern as well.

The quilt used one jelly roll and I used Kate Spain’s “Terrain” collection. The backing was a batik that was on sale at Hancocks of Paducah. I had ordered co-ordinating backing but when I finally got around to laying out the quilt I realized that I had been short-shipped the four yards and by that time the fabric had all sold out. Hancocks did replace the one piece but it taught me a lesson that I need measure out the fabric that I order not just make sure that the pieces are shipped. The 4 yards of fabric is such a big piece of fabric I didn’t realize that I’d only been shipped 3.6 yards instead.

Chinese coin quilt, fabric Terrain by Kate Spain. Finished size 67″ x 70″ big enough for a queen-sized bed topper.

I like the size of this quilt because in the summer it gets hot but I’m the type of person who can’t get to sleep unless there is a cover over me so the quilt is big enough to cover the surface of the mattress but small enough that my feet can hang out the ends to cool off.

Next project in the works is a train quilt for my grandson called Riding the Rails fabrics by Renae Lindgren of Wilmington fabrics.


5 responses to “Chinese coin quilt.

  1. Your wuilt looks Great in the photo! Like you I want a cover in summer, but nothing heavy. Never thought of making a smaller quilt for summer before, but I will now. Thanks for sharing the photo and the fabrics that you used. Great tip to measure the fabric when you receive it. I do a quick nose to finger tip measure to see if I received the right amount….don’t think I would miss a small shortage that way, though. I usually order more than I need anyway, especially if it’s on sale at a good price. I seldom order jelly rolls them, but when I have….I had no specific plan for them. Maybe I should, but I’m totally addicted to fabric……unwilling to be treated for my addiction either. Oh well…..Happy 4th of July!

    • Thanks Glo 🙂 I’m like you I have a fabric addiction as well, too much fabric and lots of projects to finish. Enjoy your 4th of July.

  2. Stunning Karen. Doesn’t it feel good to have another quilt off the “to finish” list.

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