Cottage Time

I’ve recently returned from being away nine days at a friend’s cottage and although I don’t normally post family pictures I thought I would this time. Kind of long as I had a hard time picking which photos to include.

Some things to do at the cottage…

Board games.

Playing cards.

Working hard.

She’s taking another picture – relaxing and reading on the porch.

Watching the wildlife run by – mink.

Chores around the cottage, there are always new projects each year to be done.

Working on installing a new washing machine.

Pumping up the tire on the lift trolley.

Installing the dryer of the new stackable washer/dryer set.

Off to the dump with the old wringer/washer.

HD satellite.

Satellite dish on cottage rooftop.

Looking down.

Me looking squinty-eyed.

What you doing up there grandpa?

Installed and orientated HD satellite dish.

Other things to do at the cottage…

Going for boat rides.

Bye, bye grandma…

Bye, bye Chase…

Zonked out in the boat.


Handsome dude with a fish.

Even bigger fish.

And last but not least the major occupation at a cottage – swimming.

Getting the gear ready.

Who are you and why are you taking my picture?

The process of immersion…

Hi Honey.

Love you.

You want in?

No, no I don’t.

Yes, yes you do.

No! I really don’t!

Rats! Foiled again.

Other swimming pictures.

Baby wrangling.

Do it again…



Oh Jedi master I bow to your infinite wisdom.

Just some of the photos of our 2012 cottage vacation.


One response to “Cottage Time

  1. It looks like a fabulous holiday. Love the photos of the family – so nice to see what they look like and smallest members are so cute and growing so fast. Thanks for posting your holiday. Makes me want a holiday now….vbg.

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