The Stash – Part 1

I belong to a group on Ravelry called Surmount the Stash. This is a group that is dedicated to helping each other bust their yarn hoarding tendancies. While we still have a purchase here and there I think that most of us now ask ourselves “Why are we buying this yarn?” and “Do we really need to buy it – isn’t there yarn in our stash that will fulfill the same purpose?”

While I’ve still bought yarn this year I have cut back on my wild random “I can use this some day” purchases. The yarn I buy has a dedicated purpose instead of the random “It’s such a good deal” One of the members is very good at cutting through the rationalization and the latest helpful tip she gave us was to organize and photograph our stash and then dedicate the yarn in the stash to a specific project.

Thinking about this I went about the one night and took some photos of the easily accessible stuff. I still have quite a bit to go through and of course just photographing this portion of my stash made me realize once again how much of it I have.

J&S 2-ply jumper weight 100% wool for a Fair Isle sweater by Ann Feitelson called Hillswick Lumber. This is a project that I intend to start in the fall when the weather is cooler and not so sticky with humidity.

J&S 2-ply jumper weight yarn for a sweater for my granddaughter using Kate Davies Peerie Flooers pattern. This will be a sweater I design myself but really I’ll just follow the guidelines for knitting a standard Fair Isle sweater. Actually Kate has designed a lovely cardigan already using her Peerie Flooers pattern but it uses a heavier weight wool and I’d already ordered this so I’ll just have to fudge up something myself. I might order the pattern anyway since it is a tutorial in itself of several different techniques.

Leftover J&S Shetland Supreme from a lucky dip that I ordered to make Kate Davies Sheep Heid. As far as I’m concerned this yarn doesn’t owe me anything but it’s now in the Fair Isle stash to be available for other projects. There is even enough to make several more hats if I wanted to.

Leftover Knitpicks Palette that I ordered for ski hats. I made two and have one left to do. Again this yarn doesn’t owe me anything but it’s there for other projects.

Knitpicks Road Trip Tote – Harbor Light. I’d being eyeing this kit for a while then it went on sale and I broke down and bought it. I bought it because it contains 14 balls of Palette and worked out to $1.79 a ball instead of the normal $3.59. I saw a Ravelry member’s fair isle sweater that she had made with this kit, the sweater was gorgeous and it only cost $25 for the kit. The same amount of yarn from J&S would cost me $121.52 plus a hefty shipping fee. I like working with the J&S and if cost weren’t an issue I’d choose it but the Knitpicks knits up well and is softer and not as itchy.

Balls of Harbor Light.

Knitpicks Road Trip Tote – Badlands. I bought this for the blues and I have a specific Kate Davies design in mind for this kit called Caller Herrin, which is a tam.

Badlands yarn.

Knitpicks Palette, Fuchsia and Claity (pale blue). This yarn will be used for Fair Isle at some point, I liked the colours so ordered it when I ordered the road trip totes.

Knitpicks Palette – Bare. I ordered this for the ski hats and didn’t know how much I needed so it’s a bit of overkill but I can always use natural and I did use it in the Sheep Heid tam.

Hat and scarf yarn for charity, family and friends.

Dollar store yarn (from above photo) for projects for my granddaughters. This is really nice knock-off stuff from China and knits up well.

Eyelash, bling, fun fur yarn from above photo most of it bought on sale at Michaels during their year-end sale. I’ve used quite a bit of it but then I’ve bought quite a bit as well.

Paton’s sock yarn bought over the years. I only started to knit socks this year but I have started.

Various sock yarns bought on sale at some point over the years. I won’t buy any more until all of this stuff is knit up.

Well there you have part one of my stash. Quite daunting considering all that I haven’t posted yet. The one good thing about it is that now that my husband is retired I don’t have to worry about having to buy any new yarn for many years in the future. God grant that I get most of it knit up by the time I die.


2 responses to “The Stash – Part 1

  1. Ohhh all that beautiful yarn and the sock yarn!!!!! Lucky you to have such a fabulous stash. Having said that though I’m working though mine with considerable success at the moment. Have told myself there is no more buying yarn or fleece until I have used up what I have. It’s meant some experimentation but it does feel good. Can’t wait to see what the next reveal of the stash shows. ; – )

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