Sheep Carousel Tea Cosy

I just finished a tea cosy designed by Kate Davies. Kate is a wonderful designer and her patterns just have you itching to knit them. I saw this on her blog site and just had to give it a try.

Sheep Carousel tea cosy by Kate Davies, brown wool by Jamieson and Smith (moorit), white wool by Knitpicks (Bare).

Tea cosy top view.

The only problem with the cosy is that it fits the pot too snuggly and I’m afraid I might spill tea in the attempt to actually use it. Guess It’ll just have to sit and look pretty on the shelf.


7 responses to “Sheep Carousel Tea Cosy

  1. Ohhh please use it. It’s far to pretty to just sit there. Imagine the smile on your face each time you see it in use. Tea Cosies wash easily. All that work will be wasted if you don’t use it. If that hasn’t convinced you tell yourself it will stretch in time….lol. Gorgeous Karen. I’m very impressed.
    PS If all other pleas to use it fail – try buying a smaller tea pot. ; – )

  2. that teacosy is adorable. I’m an avid tea drinker and teacosy knitter. all my relatives own tea cosies and I love to use one myself. why wouldn’t you use yours? if you could knit it once you can knit it twice when this one wears out.

    • It’s a little bit looser after blocking it so I’ll give it a try. My only concern was that I’d spill hot tea while trying to put the cosy on since it’s so snug.

  3. I didn’t line it, the instructions didn’t call for it and it never occurred to me. Sounds like too much work but I guess it’d keep the tea warmer. Now I’m thinking of quilted tea cosies 🙂

  4. lining goes pretty fast because you don’t have to do a special pattern, just the teapot shape.

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