More Socks

It’s been a busy summer this year with lots of vacation time but I’ve still managed to get a few projects done. I thought I would post a couple pairs of socks that I made just to show that I’m still alive and crafting.

Paton’s Kroy socks in Summer Moss jaquard.

Paton’s Kroy socks in Fern Rose Jaquard.

Both sets of socks are the basic 7-stitch sock from Ann Budd’s book “Getting Started: Knitting Socks”. So far I’ve only knit the basic pattern and one of these days maybe I’ll branch out into a different style but I’ve been knitting up the varigated sock yarn and I think if I knit a pattern then it would be lost in the colour so I’ll save the fancy stitching for the plainer colours.

I am thinking of knitting the next pair with some black sock yarn so I have a plain black heel and toe to give some variance to the coloured socks so we’ll see how that goes when I get there. Next on my list of knitting is a child’s Fair Isle sweater but I need to get some sewing done as well.


One response to “More Socks

  1. Very nice – you have been busy. I’m like you on fancy patterns with variegated yarn. I tried it once but you really couldn’t see the fancy stitches in the coloured yarn.

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