More CAL Blocks

I’ve been busy trying to catch up on my crochet blocks and I now have them all done except the extra bonus block for October. If I do the bonus block then I’ll have 25 squares by December and that would make a 5X5 afghan so I’ll probably do it but maybe in a few days as I’ve wrecked my shoulder by crocheting so much.

I need to work on some quilting anyhow so it’s time for a break. I also have some crayon rolls planned for the grandkids. Now that I have grandchildren I can make these for myself and not give them away for charity. Should be fun with lots of bright colours.

Anyhow here are the next five blocks of the series.

In Treble by Julie Yeager.

Winter’s Lace by Teresa Kohlhoff.

Sweet Peas by Rebecca Bisbing.

Embracing Variety by Aurora Suominen/Ivory Herman.

The Crocodile Flower by Joyce Lewis.

All the blocks can be found on Ravelry.

My favourite block so far and by far the most difficult is the Crocodile Flower. This block took what seemed like forever – around 8 to 9 hours to work up. I started with the middle and then crocheted a frame around it. After finishing the frame I started in on the petals so the result is a 3-D effect and it’s very pretty.

Hard to believe that we are halfway through October and Christmas is looming closer and closer, only a couple months worth of time left to try and get some goodies made. Last Christmas the kids decided not to trade presents so I only have to worry about the grandkids so we’ll see how that works out. Hopefully you’ll see me posting lots of finished items in the upcoming two months.


4 responses to “More CAL Blocks

  1. These are GORGEOUS – love the variegated blue/green yarn you’ve used too. I think that really makes them stand out! =D

  2. Thanks, I had my doubts about only using two colours but I think it’s working out okay.

  3. Hello!!! I love all the blocks but the crocodile flower is stunning….

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