Circle Scarves.

My DIL wanted to learn how to crochet so I set her up on Ravelry and we looked at some easy projects that she might try and she found a free pattern from A Crafty House that she liked.

Well she got quite a few favourable comments on her cowl scarf so I decided I’d try a few myself making them for our Blessings group. The group has a yarn stash and knits up various winter items for those who need them. I wanted to do something but I’m so bogged down with projects it had to be a quick item to make.

I’m happy to say these scarves only take about an hour to an hour and a half to crochet. They do use up the yarn quite quickly so make sure you have full balls of yarn to work with and depending on your gauge you might not get in the full six rows for a 100 gram ball of yarn. The Red Heart super saver balls would work quite nicely because they are a bigger ball.

Quick Circle Scarves. Knit with Vanna’s Choice 100 gram solids.

Bear doing his thing modelling for me again.

Hint for working the scarf, make sure you don’t twist the chain when joining and pull the yarn from the center of the balls.


2 responses to “Circle Scarves.

  1. Love the scarves and of course Bear is looking gorgeous as always. Thanks for the pattern link too. I have quite a bit of wool that I could use up and they would be ideal. Know the feeling of too many projects too ; – ( socks for Christmas are the priority – one done one slightly over half way. I’m getting there…lol.

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