Fair Isle Mittens

A couple of weeks ago I agree to do a test knit for ‘torirot designs’ for some fair isle mitts. Finally finished today and it’ll be a long while before I ever work on such a small project on double-point needles for a while. Talk about fiddly.

Dreaming of Provence. Pattern and copyright torirot designs. Once the pattern is fully tested it’ll be available to Ravelry members so look for it there.

John modelling the mittens. Had to colour adjust because of the light background. The real colours are in the first picture.

I mostly used Jamieson and Smith yarn for the mittens. The white was Knitpicks Palette and it is a smoother yarn to work with. The J&S is the best for knitting Fair Isle as it’s Shetland wool and Shetland yarn is more wiry so the fibres tend to stick together better and fill in the spaces between stitches for a more even look.

Now that I’ve gotten that project out of the way I’m starting in on my Christmas sewing projects namely a quilt I have planned for Chase. Once I get that done I’ll be happy, happy, happy (I’ve been watching a lot of Duck Dynasty lately, lol).


4 responses to “Fair Isle Mittens

  1. Stunning but no wonder you thought they were fiddly. I’m a fan of Duck Dynasty too. Those guys make me laugh every time I watch the show.

  2. Really? Wow I didn’t realize it was syndicated.

  3. Well done! I put up a link on my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/torirot-design/135917719759902

    Have a nice day!

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