Four-and-a-half-hour afghan

Snagged some Lion Brand Homespun at a really good price at a Michael’s sale so decided to make dad a lap throw for Christmas. I found the pattern online through Ravelry but it’s actually a free pattern through the Lion Brand website Four-and-a-half-hour afghan.

Of course the afghan took me longer than four and a half hours and I ended up using not six balls of yarn but all eight that I had orignally bought. I needed the extra two balls to get to the same size of throw that the pattern stated but the afghan is really stretchy so it’s possible you’d get the same size using six balls of Homespun. The yarn is crocheted using a size Q hook and two strands of yarn held together. I set the two balls of Homespun side by side in front of me on a chair and pulled the yarn from the inside of the balls so they wouldn’t roll around.

It took between two to three hours to crochet up a ball of yarn but I was working with a bum shoulder and a crappy plastic hook. The acrylic yarn likes to catch on the plastic so it slows you down a bit. The pattern is crochet a single stitch then a double stitch in the same hole then skip a stitch and repeat, dead easy. I really like how the afghan felt using the two strands of yarn. Very heavy, soft and sprongy, nice to cuddle up in.

four and a half hour afghan ocean homespunYarn is Lion Brand Homespun in the colour Ocean. Picture taken at night so it’s hard to see. Actually the yarn is multi-coloured so it’s various green, teal, purple and turquoise colours.

lap throw ocean homespun
John demoing the lap throw.

I’ve also crocheted up a couple more oven towels for Christmas. I have one here for display. There is a tutorial over under the tutorial side bar if anyone is interested.

oven towel christmas 2012
Christmas oven towel.


One response to “Four-and-a-half-hour afghan

  1. Ohh very nice and how kind of John to model it for you….vbg. Must check out the pattern as I have heaps of wool to use up. What am I saying??? How many projects do I already have on the go?????? Anyway take care of the shoulder and yourself.

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