Riding the Rails.

Done at last after spending three days of six hours each I’ve finally finished. Amazing what a deadline will do I still can’t believe I managed to finish sewing the binding down in one day. I’m surprised my elbows and fingers didn’t fall off.

Anyway here it is, pardon the pictures but it was very overcast and then I just slapped the quilt overtop a queen size bed without making sure it was all straight and pretty. Hopefully it will make one little grandson very happy. He recently moved into a new room and the walls were painted with the light blue and green from this quilt and he picked out the fabric for the backing, (which I forgot to take a picture of), so hopefully he remembers all this.

Chases quilt
Riding the Rails by Renae Lindgren for Wilmington Prints.

Riding the rails

Riding Rails Chase quilt

The backing is the same green that is around the center block. The quilting was mostly in the ditch using a walking foot. There was some free-motion quilting done in the blocks and banner. Nothing special but the quilt seem to call for a lot of straight quilting and it was the quickest way to get it done quickly as well. It’s a big relief to get it done on time.


One response to “Riding the Rails.

  1. Ohh Karen that looks amazing. Well done on getting it finished. I’m sure that precious little boy will love it.

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