Party Aprons

Today is my granddaughter’s birthday and her mom phoned last night asking if I had any child-sized shirts that she could use (she knows I have stock from tie-dyeing). Unfortunately I don’t have much in the way of children’ shirts. Upon further inquiry it turned out what she really wanted were children’s aprons. It seems the company that she had ordered from messed up her order and instead of delivering her nine little aprons yesterday they sent her two tea balls. Say what?

Anyhow I went online to try and find a local store that carried small aprons and couldn’t find any at all and the long and short of it was that I ended up making nine wee aprons for the cookie decorating/birthday party. I was fortunate to find a tutorial online that had a free pattern so many thanks go out to Sew Much Ado for saving the day.

I didn’t have time to use binding, in fact I didn’t have any binding on hand for nine aprons but I did have a partial bolt of white left over from fabric dyeing so I cut out two aprons, made some ties and then sewed it all together and turned the apron inside-out and then sewed a 1/4 finishing seam around the whole thing. That way I didn’t have to sew the opening by hand that I’d left over from turning the apron inside-out.

Many, many hours later I’m done just in time for the party.

child aprons
This is my artistic photo, I thought the ties hanging down looked cool.

party aprons
Nine different aprons with children’s print fabric pockets.

Needless to say my daughter phoned just as I was putting on the last pockets to let me know that three of the children wouldn’t make it. Hmmm, that would have been about an hour’s work right there. Oh well, at least they are done.


One response to “Party Aprons

  1. Well done. Anyone who tackles 9 aprons this close to Christmas is amazing. Have a fabulous Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Email coming soon – just trying to catch my breath and get organised. Of course that may never happen – but I am thinking of you all this festive season.

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