Wool Combed tops.

I got a goody in the mail today that I’d ordered just before Christmas.

IMG_0680 Package from Lerwick, England.

I have a spindle that I’ve been practising on for several weeks and I finally ran out of roving so I ordered some more from Jamieson and Smith since they had the best prices that I could see with good shipping as well.

I placed the order on December 19th and it was shipped the next day on the 20th and here it is at my front step on December 27th. Talk about fast đŸ™‚ I feel like a little kid in a sweet shop.

I didn’t know how much to order but decided to order as much as I could for the first level of shipping costs. This should keep me busy for a while.

wool roving from J&S
Shetland sheep combed wool tops from Jamieson and Smith.

The shipment consists of:
1-kilogram ball of white/natural
2-sample packs of naturals, each sample pack has 5-25gram samples of white, black, moorit, fawn and grey.
2-sample packs of coloured wool, each sample pack has 14-25gram samples of various colours.
1-ball of yellow J&S-2ply jumper weight yarn.

I like the yellow yarn and have a project that could use it so I tossed it in the order as well.

Just this morning I finished plying a single I had spun and was considering buying some more roving from my local yarn store so this was excellent timing.

I looked up my spindle and it’s an Ashford student spindle. It weighs around 3 ounces and has a 3.5 inch wheel. I’ve found that if I try to spin very fine then I have to be really careful that the fibres don’t separate and the spindle drop. I’ve since read online that I really need a lighter spindle to spin a finer strand of yarn.

spindle with plied singles

Even though some spots of the yarn were fairly fine and even other areas weren’t so when plied the whole thing looks very chunky. In the spindle forum they call this designer yarn, lol.

I’ll just keep on practising with this spindle for a while and then maybe I’ll try and make a lighter one and see how it goes from there.


One response to “Wool Combed tops.

  1. The fibers look luscious!

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