Spindle Spinning.

I’ve been having fun playing with the wool top that I bought from Jamieson and Smith and I’ve spun up a few skeins worth – very small skeins worth, lol. This stuff is fantastic and just glides along so it’s possible to get some even singles out of it even for a beginner like me.

Here are some photos:

spindle natural
J&S natural.

single ply
Single ply before washing and plying.

unwinding setup
Unwinding setup. It didn’t work that well so I made a ball of the two plys but I didn’t like that either so now I just take the toilet paper roll and join the two ends and ply that at the same time.

first and second skeins J&S natural 2012
1st and 2nd skeins. The second skein is thinner spun.

1st skein
My first true skein with J&S.

second skein washed
Second skein washed.

black top
J&S natural black, actually so dark brown it looks black.

J&S grey top
J&S grey top on spindle.

J&S grey 2-ply before washing
Plied grey J&S skein before washing.

grey 2-ply dried
Grey skein after drying. The yarn shrinks a bit and gets crumply/springy.

Starting to soak
Starting to soak.

shrinking in water
Shrinking in hot water.

Charlie needs a new winter hat so grandma had to try her hand at knitting one so here it is. Hopefully it will fit.

knit hat for Charlie
Random worsted weight yarn knit with various 4.5 mm needles.

One response to “Spindle Spinning.

  1. I’m hoping to learn to spin on a drop spindle this year, so watching you spin is inspiring. (And you already know I love the hat!)

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