Knitting tote.

I am a big fan of the Missouri Star Quilt Company and their tutorials. It’s the only tutorial that I’m signed up for through youtube so every time a new tutorial gets posted I get a link.

The latest tutorial caught my eye as it was for a quick and easy tote. I’d been thinking of making a tote bag to carry all my knitting supplies and I have a few books that are for making quilted bags but this tutorial looked so easy I had to give it a go. Tote bag tutorial

Instead of using charm squares as in the tutorial I decided to use one of my Moda scrap bags that have been sitting in my drawer forever. I only used about 1/3 of the bag so it doesn’t take much. I also wanted a larger bag that would hold my spindles and knitting needles and my plastic art bin. I decided to add a pocket to the lining as well. The pocket has four openings that are open at the bottom so the spindles and knitting needles can slide down to the bottom of the bag. I guess I could just have made a longer pocket but I only had a smaller piece of fabric left over so that’s what I used. The other sections of the pocket are sewn shut and hold the smaller needles and ruler.

Tote made from Moda scrap bag.

knitting tote pocket
Hand-dyed lining with pocket to hold spindles, Knitting needles, double-pointed needles, circular needles, ruler. Bag has plenty of room for my plastic art bin tote and lots of yarn/fibre.

hand-dyed lining

tote front view
Front view of bag loaded with gear and ready to go. I’m thinking of putting in a snap as a fastener to close it up a bit so stuff won’t fall out.

All in all a very quick tote to make and I made it using fabric that had been hanging around the house for a few years. Even the batting was leftover pieces that I sewed together to fit the bag so I’m well pleased.


5 responses to “Knitting tote.

  1. I love it! The colors are really pleasant and it looks like it fits everything you need for knitting on the go.

  2. you could just make a tab with a buttonhole or not that would attach to one side and then close with velcro or a button on the other side. great totebag for your knitting supplies. ann

  3. Fabulous bag and the colours go together so well and how wonderful you used more of your stash…lol. I have to agree with Ann – a tab with a buttonhole or velcro would make it easier to close. If you’re like me you will always stuff too much in it to close it with a snap.

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