Odds and Ends

Not much accomplished craft-wise well except for lots of yarn being spun. I did manage to get one sock done today and will cast on for the next. They were supposed to be socks for dad but I went down two needle sizes to get a tighter cloth (too prevent holes) and forgot to add in a few stitches to make up for the size difference. They are now going to be socks for my husband John.

Kroy sock yarn
Paton’s Kroy FX Effects sock yarn. I believe the colour is called Cadet.

It snowed overnight.

Winter wonderland
The depth of the snow on the arm of the chair is how much it snowed as there wasn’t any snow there before. It’s a winter wonderland.

And last but not least, John took a picture of a deer that came up out of the ravine to munch on our grass. This is one of two that takes great delight in chowing down on my green beans in the garden.

Doe feeding in back yard
Female deer feeding in backyard.


2 responses to “Odds and Ends

  1. I’ll swap you some hot weather for some snow. Not a chance of even rain around here and it’s getting hotter again daily..sigh. Love the socks -that blue is stunning and the deer is pretty darn cute too – even if it does eat your beans.

  2. Loving those sockses and can’t get OVER that snow!!! Dear little deer… 🙂

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