Op-Shop Finds.

I haven’t been posting much because really there hasn’t been much to post. I haven’t really gotten much crafting done as I’ve been taking a break with my shoulder being so sore. I did go see the rheumatologist yesterday and she gave me a shot of cortisol so we’ll see how that goes. I do seem to be able to move it farther than before so that’s something.

First up I did finally manage to finish the pair of socks I was making for my dad. The only problem being is that they ended up fitting my husband’s feet instead so they are now his.

Kroy socks cadet colours
Paton’s Kroy FX socks in the colour Cadet. Picture of my feet hanging up there amidst the ceiling.

Next I decided to indulge in visiting Value Village yesterday. I was looking for two things, more tupperware (as if I don’t have enough) and I always look to see what knitting and science fiction books there are. I’ve been looking for any of Alice Starmore’s books for a long time and finally I scored one yesterday.

Tudor Roses

Tudor Roses by Alice Starmore. This book is currently valued starting at $99.00 on the used book market. It goes up from there and if I were to order it online through Amazon.ca I’d be paying $200.00 and change for it. Of course this (as my husband pointed out) is only if I’m willing to sell it. Someone in Ravelry said that the book is being re-issued and when it does the value will drop right down but that’s to be expected. I’m only surprised that with copies of used books being sold for over two hundred dollars that the publishers haven’t released the book sooner. Anyhow it’s in perfect shape and since it was a buy four books get one free I can pretend it’s my freebie 🙂

Another interesting thing about the book aside from all the gorgeous sweaters in it is that it gives the history of the Tudor’s and Henry and his wives so even if I never make a sweater from the patterns at least I can read the book and learn something. The patterns are very complex so I might not ever get around to trying out one of the sweaters but they are beautiful. The sweaters are the type that you pull out and work on a little bit at a time until three years later it’s done. LOL, then you hope that it fits and it looks good on you.

Some of the other books I scored:

I’ve been reading Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s book “Knitting Rules” and its been a fun read so far. Nice to see that I’m not abnormal and share several traits with my fellow knitters, vbg.

Last but not least I thought I’d post a couple of pictures of the snow that fell overnight. Unfortunately by the time the pictures have shrunk small enough to put up on the blog you don’t get the idea of the snow on the branches but it’s really pretty. I guess the snow fell without the wind blowing so it’s just sitting there decorating the trees just like the ideal picture of a Christmas tree decorated for the holidays.

Snow on branches Feb 28 2013

tree closeup
Snow in Whitby, February 28th, 2013


2 responses to “Op-Shop Finds.

  1. How I love a bargain – especially when you find something you have really been looking for! You mention Henry Tudor – weirdly I am reading ‘Wolf Hall’ by Hilary Mantel – my dad recommended it. It is a little bit hard to get into, but has now become strangely compelling! Hope your shoulder improves – I had an injection of the same stuff to my wrist a few years back and it was very helpful…

    • My daughter likes reading some of Philippa Gregory’s novels, I know some of them take place in the Tudor setting but I’m not sure what they are like, maybe they are just romance with history thrown in. Thanks, the injection has improved the shoulder but I have a two tears in there as well so I still get pain from those but hopefully they will eventually heal. The shot did take down the inflammation so I have better range of motion. LOL, I can now do up my bra – woo hoo! Karen

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