Yarn, lots and lots of it.

I haven’t done any knitting the last couple of days but I have been playing around with yarn and roving. The first photo shows some rolags that I made using the piece of carding cloth I have that’s waiting to be made into a blending board.

Blue & white J&S rollags.jpeg
Rollags made from blue and white shetland wool top from Jamieson & Smith.

blue skies yarn from shetland white and colbalt
Fingering weight yarn spun on my Ashford spindle.

Next I brought up an old box of yarn from the basement looking for another project that I’d started but not finished many years ago.

white buffalo sweater
White Buffalo Yarn sweater.

After looking at this project I realized there were some leftover balls of yarn in the same box so I thought that I would try and find some room in my large tote for them. My tote has all my acrylic leftovers in it along with a few whole balls of yarn as well. Mostly it was a mess so I thought that if I wound all the balls into layer cakes I’d make more room for the new/old balls.

unwound stash yarn
Messy yarn.

stash yarn cakes
Bin partially filled with layer cakes. Filled it to the top by the time I’d finished winding the above yarn.

After winding all the yarn in the bin, I discovered that I didn’t have any extra room than before I’d started so all I can say is that I wasted an afternoon but I do have a tidy tote bin full of layer cakes. I just have to find somewhere else to stash the other balls.


4 responses to “Yarn, lots and lots of it.

  1. Love the spinning. A friend has just bought a blending board after seeing it at a craft show and raved about it. After seeing your rolags I can see why. Anytime you want to come and sort out my wool – feel free…lol. Doesn’t it make you feel good when they are all sorted out – far better than a mess that puts you off each time you are looking for something.

  2. Beautiful spinning! It feels great to have the stash sorted and neat, doesn’t it?

    • Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚
      Yes it is nice to have it sorted and tidy. It made me realize just how much of the odds and ends I have.

    • It is good to have them sorted, unfortunately those are just the tip of the iceberg so to speak ๐Ÿ™‚

      I need John to rout me a piece of board so I can glue and staple my cloth to it. I got tired of waiting and made some rolags anyway.

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