I’ve gone batty!

Had fun playing with the Hero again today.This time I carded up some fibre that I’d won from a group draw on Ravelry. I’m not sure what the fibre is but I want to say Como? Anyhow this tangled mess ended up turning into the fluffiest batt of super softness. Unfortunately I didn’t take a before picture, oh well.

blue-green cormo batt
Batt on Hero.

20 gram batt
Close-up of batt, blue-green blend – 20 grams.

I also finished spinning the last of my Shetland blue and white rolags. I plan on using this yarn to make a shawl. The only problem is the yarn isn’t very consistent in thickness but having said that it’s still fingering-weight thickness, just some of it is approaching lace-weight. I’m not sure what to do about this but I’ll go ask on Ravelry I’m sure somebody there will give me some advice.

six skeins of shetland white and blue
Handspun Shetland – 470 yards.


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