Garden stuff 2013

I’ve had a busy summer and I haven’t kept up with the gardening work but I am doing better than I have in previous years. Of course the garden is about 50% weed at the moment and 25% pumpkin and squash vines. Who knew that pumpkin and squash vines were so vigorous, well I did know that I’ve just never experienced it before so it kind of amazes me every time I go down to the garden and I discover just where the vines have grown for the day.

Anyhow here is a slew of pictures no explanations needed.

plum tomato on patio
Plum tomato on patio.

patio beans
Patio beans.

jalepeno peppers
Patio jalapeno pepper.

herb garden
Herb garden.

thai basilThai basil?

sweet basil
Sweet Basil.

garden plus weeds
Garden and weeds.




pumpkin and squash vines
Pumpkin and squash vines.

pumpkin growing in chicken wire
Pumpkin growing in chicken wire.

pumpkin growing inbetween wire and frame
Pumpkin growing inbetween wire and frame.

pumpkin turning orange
Small pumpkin. They start off this shape and then flatten out.

small pumpkin
Pumpkin turning orange.


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